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Breakfast Muesli Trifle with Cherry, Pomegranate and Dukkah


Start Christmas Day on a healthy note with this stunning Middle Eastern-inspired muesli trifle. Perfect prepared the night before, then serving on a tray just as present opening is wrapping up.

Create the first layer using cherries and pomegranate kernels. Use the pomegranate kernels to fill in any little gaps between cherries and against the inside of the glass.

Use yoghurt for the second layer.

The third layer is just your favourite toasted muesli. One with pumpkin seeds adds a touch of green to the overall colour palette.

Add the final layer of yoghurt. If your glass is taller you can keep layering. The more juicy cherries and pomegranates, the better!

On top of the final yoghurt layer, sprinkle Dukkah, a few pomegranate kernels and a small square of honeycomb, like a jewel on top.


Recipe and photography by Laura Varsanyi, The Creative Muster.

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