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Kid’s Crafty Crowns – School Holiday’s at Home

Having the kid’s home during the school holidays doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative and crafty with household items, then it’s time to party!

Threading, cutting and gluing are great activities for young children to develop their fine motor skills. These crowns are made using common household items including folder dividers and yarn.  They have two fronts in different colours, so there are no issues with back-to-front wear and plenty of colour choice. They are also a great way to practice shape names.

Multi-coloured A4 folder tab dividers
Ribbons and yarns
Glitter paper
Hole punch

1. Take two tabs from the set of folder dividers and glue the short ends together at both sides to form a cylinder that fits your child’s head.

2. Cut spikes and shapes into the end of the cylinder that doesn’t have binder holes. You can make the crown as tall or as short as you want.

3. Using a hole punch, punch additional holes along the cut edge where you would like to thread your yarns or ribbons.

4. Many children really enjoy the process of threading. You may need to wrap the tip of your yarn or ribbon with sticky tape to keep them stiff enough to thread through the holes. Once finished, knot the yarn ends on the inside of the crown.

5. Cut gem shapes out of your glitter paper. Alternatively, you can use your children’s paintings or drawings instead of glitter paper. It is so easy to cut all sorts of gem shapes. Triangles are the easiest shape to start with.

6. Glue the gems on the front and the back of the crown.

7. Party time!

Project and photography by Laura Varsanyi, The Creative Muster.