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Colourful Birthday Ideas- Kmart

Kmart has you all sorted for parties!


Kmart has you all sorted for parties!
School holidays are always a busy time! Among all the cool activities the kids want to do, there are a number of birthday parties and events to attend, and when it comes to creating the perfect party for your little one, you want it to be a party to remember.


So where do you start?

Well, planning the party around a specific colour is a great first step and the sooner you begin planning the earlier the excitement begins, so here are some tips to get you going…


1. Choose a hero colour

This colour could be your child’s favourite colour or the colour that represents their favourite superhero or book character. Most of the decorations should be this colour or various shades of it and you can even incorporate this colour in your little ones favourite desserts!


2. Mix and match prints and patterns

For each colour palette there are a number of party decorations to consider from plates, cups and napkins to bunting, balloons and party hats…

Get creative and mix and match dots and stripes, and patterns and prints on the party table to get the day off to a colourful start.


3. Add a touch of fun

Games and pinatas are always a big hit with the kids and are a great way to keep them active throughout the day.

Complete the party table with princess crowns or your kid’s favourite superheroes masks. This will encourage role-play throughout the day and ensure your little one feels extra special on their birthday.

Lastly, fill up and pass out individual lolly and favour bags for each guest to take home with them to keep the party going!

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Source: Kmart Australia