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DIY: Australiana Gum Leaf Wreath Table Decor

Be inspired by our Australiana table décor and make your own native floral crowns for guests to wear

There is nothing quite so stunning as the blue green and pink tones of Australian native foliage. You can make this wreath the day before your event. Depending on the size of your plates, the wreaths can also double as floral crowns for your guests. Perfect for weddings or Christmas tables!

Florist wire cloth stem (22 gauge 450mm green)
Florist wire (30 gauge green)
Gum leaves e.g. blue gum, seeded eucalyptus, flowering mature weeping gum
Large dried gum leaves
White paint pen e.g. Uni Posca 0.7mm

1. Use the florist wire cloth stem to create a wreath base that is smaller than your dinner plates. Secure the ends by twisting the wire around itself with pliers.

2. Place your leaves and flowers around the wreath base about where you want them to sit on the wreath.

3. Begin attaching the foliage using the florist wire 30 gauge, twisting it around and around between leaves. Attach any leaf branches first and then flower branches on top.

4. To create the leaf name plates, choose completely dry mature gum tree leaves. They often take on a silvery pink hue which is stunning against the sage green eucalyptus.

5. Practice with your paint pen on coloured paper first. Write the name in a simple script first and then go back and thicken all the similar angles on the letters. This creates a modern calligraphy effect.

6. The leaf name plate can sit on top of the wreath or above the plate.

Project and photography by Laura Varsanyi, The Creative Muster.