Coily Finger Friends

Coily Finger Friends

Shopping List
Range of coloured pipe cleaners
Googly Eyes
Coloured pom-poms around 3cm wide (for the head)
Smaller spikey pom-poms or feathers around 1cm wide (only if you can find them, they’re great for mohawks)

1.    Get the kids to select a pipe cleaner, pom-pom, Mohawk, eyes and name an animal (this will determine the ears).

2.    Wrap around the finger approximately three times.

3.    With the left over pipe, bend in a loop to make the first ear (elephant, bunny, whatever!)

4.    Glue some dots on the head pom-pom.

5.    Carefully stick the googly eyes one at a time to the head.

6.    Wait for the glue to dry.  Use a glue gun if you have one, but it still works without, maybe just has a shorter expiry date.

7.    Glue the head to the body, so the ears are in position.

8.    Wait for drying.

9.    Let the puppet shows begin.


Activity and photography by Heidi Atkins.